Terminals & Operations


Veracruz, Veracruz

Schaefer & Compañía, our first venture in Mexico, initially operated as a warehousing option to the Port of Veracruz. Today, it is also our Mexican logistics company, focusing primarily on steel cargo imported into the country.


Tampico, Tamaulipas

Our role in Tampico began as a commercial accord with Grupo Alijadores, which at the time, was the only licensed terminal operator by the Mexican government. We’ve since had many good years working at the multi-berth port, with an over 100 year history as a point of cargo import and export for northern and central Mexico.


Altamira, Tamaulipas

We are part of a group that has formed IPA Steel Terminal Altamira. Steel Terminal is a private facility engineered for general cargo shipments. IPA Steel Terminal Altamira is a multi-berth facility with a 38.5 foot draft. We offer both inside and outside storage, with new infrastructure designed for optimal general cargo handling and storage. We also offer customs brokerage and trucking services, creating a complete delivery program.


Laredo, Texas

Schaefer Terminals focuses on inland shipping and cargo border crossings while offering both inside and outside storage along the Rio Grande.


Corpus Christi, Texas

A stevedoring operation which handles steel and most other general and project cargo including windmill components and other energy related equipment.

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