Schaefer & Compañía

Veracruz, Mexico

With a privately owned warehouse outside of the Port of Veracruz, Schaefer & Compañía first began as a storage company for all manner of general cargo. Today, not only are we still a warehouser, but we are also involved in stevedoring and inland freight for cargo destined throughout most of the country. Our concentration is certainly cargo entering the Gulf from Veracruz, Tuxpan, Altamira, or Tampico, but our many years of operation in Mexico have helped us create a network of partners we trust to include the Pacific port of Manzanillo.


Schaefer Terminals

Texas, USA

This is home to our Laredo warehouse and office. With two indoor storage facilities and one outdoor patio, we perform transloading and storage services for cargo crossing the international border. At over 14,000 daily truck crossings, and an astounding 51% of all US/Mexico trade, the inland port is one of the most important cargo shipping points on the planet. As an extension to our regular services and locations, our border enterprise is firmly in place, contributing in any way we can to this logistical marvel.


Gulf Facilities

Texas, USA

Working alongside Schaefer Stevedoring in the Port of Brownsville, Gulf Facilities is comprised of two 100,000 square foot warehouses, two 10 acre patios, and three private railspurs. We have a rail line that runs alongside our warehouses, giving us the capacity for undercover loading and unloading. Additionally, we are located right along the docks of the port, and can load and unload ships and barges of bulk and breakbulk cargo. We also have an 8MT super-sack bagging line and traditional heavy lift capacities to round off our multi-service operation.


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